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    Our memory was started on 15 January 1997. We came to this college  on that day. After a week, we went to our class, four science one. Since we are here, we can not live in harmony and happily. Do you know why? Actually, we ( girls) always have different ideas or opinion between them ( boys ).

    At first, we always leave in a big war ( maybe world war, I think so ) . Some teachers always scolded us because we don't do our homework ( maybe not) or some of us always leave their class .

    However, time had passed. Do you know what happens now? Thanks to the God for giving us times to leave together again in 1998. On this year, we have to face a big war ( I mean, our exam = SPM ). So, we ( girls ) are very worry about it because since this year we cannot leave in peace ( what a bad news )

    Anyway, we would like to thanks our God again because now,( I mean , NOW ) we can leave in peace and harmony. The story was started on a good gift ( I think so).  One day, the boys gave us ( girls ) a box of chocolate ( the expensive one ). Oh!!! We ( girls ) did not know how to say 'thank you' to them ( boys ). We ( girls ) did not know why does they do like that. Actually, we ( girls ) always appreciate their gift.

    There something I want to tell you. We have a good 'Monitor'. Maybe yes. Actually, I like his style. I mean that he can take care our class and his society together without any big problem. ( Guest who). So, we (girls) hope that he will be in happily and he will be our monitor until the end of this year.( How about the boys? Do you have the same opinion as us?)
     Just to let you all know, our former monitor was a big bane of the class. He (don't have to guess who he was) was a jerk too. He was rejected by all the class member what a pity..sob...sob.wanna know why? ask him la!!

    At the end of June (1998), our teacher , Mrs Zarihan have to continued her study (Master). So, we have a new former teacher that is, Mrs Norliah bt Selamat. Actually, we are very sad to hear this bad news.

    What a good memory. We will have a fantastic camping around July at Kanching, Gombak. We hope that it will come true and we think that we'll never forget our memory there. But....Man propose, but god dispose..we finally did not make it to that Kanching...chesssss...argkh!!!

    Lastly, we hope that we'll be success  in our  SPM examination. What a sad news. We'll be leaving this college at the end of this semester. We hope that our friendship will be forever and ever. I want to cry....

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