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    In the name of Allah, the most gracious and merciful. Thanks to the God (Allah) for giving us (funzool & nurel) times to complete this home page although this year we will face SPM.

    FIESO is stand for Five Science One. FIESO is  a class of form five student in Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College that is situated in Klang, Selangor.. There are eleven boys and sixteen girls in this class. Our form teacher is Mrs. Zarihan bt Samsudin. She is a loving and caring teacher. We live 'happily' with each other since the first time we met! (maybe!!)

    Year 1998 is very important year for us .We are taking the SPM  or what you may know as the final exam for us in Malaysia to end our secondary school. This certificate is very important for us to get places at the  varsities.

   Our class is situated at the first form five block. In order  to get to our class, you have to pass two classes that is  form five 2 and form five 3. It is next to a 'mysterious room' which belong to the HISTORY  CLUB. Sometimes dogs (wild one) will be 'guarding'  the history room. So , we the members of FIESO's class will always close our door to keep the dog away. So if you encounter a close door at the entrance of our class just knock and enter.

Make sure you enter slowly so that the dog will not wake up!!!
Okay! we hope that all of you will be happy with our new web site...

H a p p y  S u r f i n g ! ! !

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